Who we are?

meeting1.jpgWe talk. You flourish.

We love building relationships and we're good at it!

We are Leeman Services

We've made a business of creating awareness, building desire and acquiring new customers for our business partners through our ability to make conversation.

We are engaged in face to face sales and marketing. Our product is our people: a network of professionals trained in sales, customer service, and face-to-face fundamentals; with the attitude, drive and enthusiasm to represent any brand to the public.

We are currently undergoing expansion plan. We are seeking passionate people in all markets to join our network.

Big enough for best practice.

Small enough to stay dynamic.

The structure of our organization ensures that while we have grown considerably, the focus of our business remains on our marketers - the guys and girls out in the field. This guarantees they have all the possible support needed to flourish. It also means we can change dynamically and rapidly to meet the changing needs of our business partners.


What we do?

We get out there

stats.jpgTraditional advertising – TV, radio and print – is expensive and calculating the return on investment can be very difficult. It’s also difficult to cut through all the marketing 'noise'. Consumers are exposed to over 10,000 messages every day!

A more direct, person–to–person approach is required. That's why Leeman Services exists.

We get out there to businesses, shopping centers and events; real people engaging directly with consumers – face to face. We call it 'The Human Commercial'.

We give our business partners:

  1. Full marketing accountability;
  2. Trained and experienced sales marketers;
  3. A tailored approach;
  4. Economies of scale from our unparalleled size;
  5. The ability to scale up and down as required;
  6. A campaign support team looking out for our partner’s best interests; and
  7. Access to the resources they need to flourish!

Leeman Services was established in the diverse and colorful Indian market in 2005, generating new customers for LIC – a leading provider of insurance services.


From its humble beginnings, Leeman Services is now firmly established as effective face to face Sales and Marketing Company.


It is currently working with many of India’s super brands across a number of insurance sectors.


Current clients include – LIC & Future Generali India Insurance Co. Ltd


Headquartered in Mumbai.


Leeman Services is growing rapidly in the exciting and emerging economy that is India. It continues to develop its reputation of excellence in the solutions it provides for it clients nationwide


Leeman Services is engaged in Sales & Marketing.


In summary, Leeman Services provide a lot of people access to better services, innovative products and the ability to make a difference in the world.


Leeman Services is continuing to push boundaries and is currently on an aggressive expansion initiative.


Due to the enormous success of Leeman Services, it has provided a platform for expansion and diversification into a number of complementary and exciting investments, new ventures and partnerships.


mission.jpgOur Mission : -

           "Protect the quality of people’s lives”


Vision.jpgOur Vision : -

         "Pledged to provide optimum financial security to society through best services & optimum insurance solution."